Our graduation~

September 2019

Thank you so much, my sister has accompanied and guided from the first day of OPAK (PBAK 2015) start 26 August 2015 to my graduation day 22 September 2019 (Graduation 75). ALHAMDULILLAH 4 years exactly I have been Finished S1 study *emot toga* repeating to the first day of OPAK at that time who always prepared all needs by sister Nisa start from breakfast, white shirt, veil, book, shoes, etc. Did not forget the registration consultation, the administrative requirements until finally received through the SPAN-PTKIN line of 2015. Knowledge of what it is credits & KRS, how to get a good GPA, and many more memories story. TY also to the Kosan Oren behind Puskesmas Cibiru who has held us for 4 years

AND ini ada bonus foto ketika Teh Nisa wisuda~

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Januari 2017