I wanna grow old with You

If I was married to the same age, I wanted to paint ‘Ali and Fathimatuzzahra stories. They both love other for their faith. The patient Fathima even though he returned home without any possessions, also Ali who remained responsible while working as a laborer on the salary of a handful of dates. Ah, it’s beautiful.

If I marry a younger man, I want to carve a story like Usman bin ‘Affan and Naila as-Syam. The two continued to love although one had grown gray and the other in her teens. Duhai, the best teacher is a good husband. So, Naila studied on the more mature Usman. Learing to increase his life pressure, until he gave up his fingers for holding back the sword of the enemy that was about to kill his husband. And after Usman died, she had rumpus clawing her beautiful face so no one would ever propose to her. He loved the sweetheart of his soul.

If I marry an older man, I want to carve love like a messenger of God and Khadija al-Kubra. Both loving and spreading love for each other. Khadija was the best wife ever, always comforting as a mother, in company as a true friend, sacrifing her possessions in order to promote her husband edibility. And truly just Khadija, the first love that the apostle never had honed.

Over marriage, age is no longer a problem. Because, marriage is the process of self-improvement, the process of self-improvement, and the process of self-mutilation. Once in a while, take our partners as teachers, we respect them. Every now and then, we make a couple of friends, we laugh together. Every now and then, we treat each other as brothers, we pamper them fully. Once again after marriage, it’s not about age but about what kind of journey. And make sure that our home journey is like a rainbow, with lots of colours shining.

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